About Us


Ya Thamani, is a luxury candle brand born in London, England, and brought to life in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Fueled by a deep appreciation for both aesthetics and captivating scents, we have meticulously crafted candles that perfectly resonate with those who revel in the world of opulence and home adornment.

Our ultimate goal revolves around the creation of a small distinguished collection of candles, boasting refined and enduring fragrances that envelop spaces with an exquisite aroma, elevating their ambiance. We firmly believe that a premium candle should not only evoke a delightful olfactory experience but should also serve as a captivating visual masterpiece. To us, the tactile sensation and visual allure are as vital as the enchanting fragrance itself.

Our brand, Ya Thamani, pulls some inspiration in the abundant heritage of East Africa—a term drawn from the Swahili language, signifying 'Precious' and 'Of Value.' This embodies our brand's nature as we strive to encapsulate the essence of rarity and worth in every single creation. 


Ya Thamani  / ja: / / ða: ˈma: ni: /

adj. Precious; of value.